About Us

This business started as a joke.

You know those ammonia inhalants, aka smelling salts, that athletes use to perk themselves up during a game?

Yeah, those.

They were the inspiration behind TenX Beards.

On the verge of falling asleep mid-one-afternoon, I joked to a friend "Imagine having a beard product that you use and it wakes you up?  I need that right now.  Wanna start a beard business?"

"Yeah man"

"Really?  Ok, let's do it!"

The rest is history.

Do you use ammonia in your beard products?


Our goal with our beard products was to create something that would improve not only our beards, but also our mind and body.

The search for this lead us to aromatherapy.  

I know that sounds kinda woo-woo and foo-foo.  Trust me, we're not about that.

We choose the scents for our products based on how they will move us.

Focused, relaxed, energized, etc.

Were you always bearded?

Well, no.  There was definitely a time when facial hair was not found on this guy.

Age and testosterone have been key factors in sprouting a beard.

And being a consumer of beard products has made it that much more enjoyable.

Why are your products more expensive than most other companies?

Great question.

Let's say you are being forced to jump out of an airplane at 30000 feet.

You are given two options for a parachute.

One costs $5.

The other costs $500.

Which would you choose?

I don't know about you, but I guarantee that a lot of beard product gets into my body.

I rub that oil deep into my skin.

It gets on my lips.

I chew on my balm covered mustache throughout the day (bad habit, i know).

Do I want to be ingesting cheap beard products?  No. Plus they taste gross.

Do you?

Our products are organic, non-GMO, and cruelty free (not tested on the critters that we eat).

And, oh yeah

I still like to nap.

It does me and my beard good.

Stay bearded!


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