Magnetism Beard Oil

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She jerks away as you lean in for a kiss.  "What's wrong?" you ask.  "I don't know.  I'm just, well, not really in the mood."  Hmmm.  There was an uneasiness in the air.  You get up, head to the bathroom, throw on some pit-stick.  Then you spy your bottle of Magnetism beard oil.  The seductive smells of Vanilla and Patchouli are sure to lighten the tension.  You comb the oil through your beard and saunter back to your girl.  "Oh, you smell good enough to eat!" she exclaims.  Mission accomplished.

All TenX Beard Oils are 97% organic by volume.  Amber bottles protect the beard oil by blocking harmful UV rays.  No messy drippers or orifices on these bottles - a pump cleanly dispenses just the right amount of oil for each use. 

 All TenX Beard Oils come with the Happy Nose Guarantee and the Empty Bottle Guarantee.

 The Happy Nose Guarantee is our assurance that you will love the smell of our beard oils.  If for whatever reason your nose is not happy with your purchased beard oil, we will gladly ship you either a different scent of beard oil or refund your purchase price.  Mr. Happy Nose is on your side.

The Empty Bottle Guarantee is our assurance that if you do not completely use all of your bottle of beard oil within 6 months of you purchasing it, for whatever reason (as in you shave your beard off - how dare you!), simply mail back to us the left over portion of beard oil and we will gladly refund your original purchase price.

Bottle Size: 1 fl. oz. / 30 mL

Ingredients:  Sunflower Seed Oil*, Jojoba Seed Oil*, Argan Kernel Oil*, Camelina Seed Oil, Patchouli Essential Oil*, Vitamin E, Vanilla Essential Oil

*Certified Organic


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